Attractions At Best Western Plus Desert Poppy Inn Shap

There’s more to see and do around here than you might image and many points of interest are easy to access when you stay with us. You’ll find that we’re the best of the Lancaster hotels near Edwards Air Force Base, Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, Willow Springs International Raceway, shopping at the BLVD and much more. You can even easily get to a JetHawks games at the Hangar from here since the facility is just across the freeway. If you’re looking for a hotel near Palmdale, CA, we can satisfy you too – because we’re less than 10 miles from Palmdale and everything it has to offer.


Activities & Services

  • 2.00 mile(s) from AV Fairgrounds
  • 17.30 mile(s) from Willow Springs Raceway
  • 15.00 mile(s) from AV Poppy Reserve
  • 2.00 mile(s) from Performing Arts Theatre
  • 3.70 mile(s) from Civic Musical Road
  • 2.00 mile(s) from The Blvd
  • 0.80 mile(s) from Cinemark IMAX® Theatre
  • 2.00 mile(s) from Boeing Plaza
  • 1.80 mile(s) from Western Hotel Museum
Restaurants & Lounges
  • Across the street from In-N-Out Burger®
  • 0.10 mile(s) from Starbucks®
  • 0.10 mile(s) from Subway®
  • 1.80 mile(s) from Bex Bar & Grill
  • 1.80 mile(s) from Giannini Bistro & Grill
  • 1.80 mile(s) from Pour d' Vino
  • 1.80 mile(s) from Lemon Leaf Cafe
  • 1.80 mile(s) from 1800 Restaurant
  • 3.00 mile(s) from Crazy Otto's Diner®
  • 7.00 mile(s) from Office Sports Bar & Grill
  • 59.00 mile(s) from Bob Hope Airport
  • 12.00 mile(s) from Palmdale Regional Airport
  • 0.20 mile(s) from AVTA local bus system
  • 2.00 mile(s) from Metro Link train station
  • 1.80 mile(s) from Lancaster Greyhound bus station